Tri-Nim – What’s it all about? (1:08)

TRI-NIM is the co-creation of two brilliant brothers with a life-long fascination for exploring the mathematical and strategic implications of Nim games. Professor Hervey Hicks, a mathematics professor until his death in 1944, spent decades playing, inventing, and analyzing mathematical games. He and his brother, Bruce Hicks, an applied physicist and digital computer specialist, collaborated to produce TRI-NIM. It is a quick moving game with extremely challenging and subtle strategy. It is played on a triangular board with varied numbers of colored counters depending on the complexity desired. Players move counters from the center zero spaces to spaces with higher numerical values and ultimately off the board into a goal. Points are scored by controlling a corner of the board by the moves made. Pondering TRI-NIM with stretch you, whoever you are. It is the ultimate game for strategists.
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