Complete 14-Item Thinker’s Library

A complete library of thinking games and intellectual challenge. Regular retail price for this unique collection is $386. The library is available here at the special price of $299 – a savings of $87. Minds encountered by the master of this collection will never be the same. Includes:

EQUATIONS: The Game of Creative Mathematics (with “Learning to Play” DVD), WFF ‘N PROOF: The Game of Modern Logic, ON-SETS: The Game of Set Theory, The PROPAGANDA Game, ON-WORDS: The Game of Word Structures, LinguiSHTIK: A Creative Language Game, QUERIES ‘N THEORIES: The Game of Science of Language, The REAL NUMBERS Game, The MEDITATION Game, The EQUATIONS Mastery Collection Software (The DIG Math Computer Program and EQUATIONS Challenge Matches), TRI NIM: The Game for Compete Strategists, CONFIGURATIONS: Number Puzzles for All Ages, TAC-TICKLE: A Challenging Game of Pure Strategy, QUICK-SANE: An Intriguing Topological Puzzle.