Classroom Set

A Classroom Set contains all the materials needed to conduct classroom tournaments with up to 36 students at a time. They can be made up for any of the following games:


Each Classroom Set includes: 12 sets of game cubes, game boards, and timers, 4 rule books. 5 class tournament seating charts with student/team cards (for teachers with up to 5 classes), master copies of score sheets, tournament team sheets, and newsletter template.

A Classroom set for EQUATIONS also contains EQUATIONS game rules and flub summary sheet for students, revised Adventurous Rules list, 4+ Scoring explanation and charts and also one copy of the “Learning to Play EQUATIONS” DVD and printed lesson plan outline “A Sample Game to Teach EQUATIONS”.

Everything fits in a sturdy 12″ x 9″ x 5″ box — compact and convenient. Save $61 off the regular retail price for $30 games and $70 off the retail price for WFF ‘N PROOF – a 17% discount plus all the added teaching materials.